Logo L100603


Designer Brand In A Can

Pentagon logo. The logo is a complex arrangement of four triangles and a quadrant enclosed within a regular pentagon. The four triangles surround a white quadrant placed on the upper middle side of the pentagon. The upper left and the lower right triangles show a transition of colour from red to orange. The lower left triangle is painted in shades of green while the upper right triangle is painted in shades of violet. The space for text is available below the pentagon. This logo may be used by designing, creative and advertising agencies.

Keywords for logo:

logo, cheap logo, yellow, orange, bird, corporate, media, events, center, services, eco-friendly, garden, home, wildlife,

What you get when you make a purchase:

  • High resolution vector based artwork
  • Industry standard artwork files
  • Rights to use the artwork
    (see terms and conditions here)
  • Customisation of colour and business name

Note: logos used on stationery and business cards are for display purposes only. These can be purchased separately in our logo section.