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What creates a great logo is the passion and inspiration in what the designer brings to the client.

Logos fill our world – look around you and see what influences you every day, from a billboard to a newspaper advert, to the label on your jar of peanut butter.

Logo design features prominently in all our lives, they are our client’s hope for the future profits of their companies and the image that makes customers pick out your customers product against all others.

This is the mark that makes one product successful and others invisible. The basic principles of a good logo design means you have to create something different and original, a design that will stand out in the market place one that will challenge the test of time.

Here are some examples of logos that are effective in the market today; I Love NY, Apple, London Underground, CBS, WWF, Woolmark. These examples are distinctive, easy to understand and have a simple message.

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Custom Logo Design

Great logos that have simple messages allow for easy recognition and the logo will be memorable. A memorable logo will be effective in 10 or 20 years time.

Logos must be versatile. It must be able to be used across a range of mediums not just stationary. It must be able to be applied to newspaper advertisements, billboards, signage and so much more.

A great logo for the client is the biggest investment in the branding of the company.

Great logos take time and thought.

Cheers Mags Gaffney

October 29, 2014 by Mags Gaffney
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