Logo Design - The Value Of A Second Opinion

Ask your mates what they think of your design concepts

When you've completed your logo concept design, I would recommend sending it round to your mates or family for a bit of feedback. Send it especially to those you know have a bit of style or a good eye for detail. You don’t always have to take what they say to heart or listen to every opinion but sometimes someone will see a fault in the design that is just not obvious to you, the designer. This feedback can save you some embarrassment with the client and a lot of time and money, not to mention your creditability!

Another tip is to look at it sideways, look at it upside down and in reverse. Sometimes something jumps out when seeing from another view. Look at it every which way you can, before you send it to your client. You wouldn't want your client to call you and ask if you think the logo looks a bit like a cannabis leaf? Shock, horror – yes it does, you just didn’t see it, till now. I know cause it happened to me!

Take care with your next design.

October 01, 2014 by Mags Gaffney
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