Logo Design - Typography Is King

Choosing the right type for your logo will make or break the design

Typography is always central to good logo design. You have two choices in designing a logo, you can create your own custom typography or adapt an existing font.

If you go the route of a custom font, don’t make it too trendy because it will date quickly. The rule is keep it simple and consider the company name - if the name is not easy to read or speak or is a long name then keep the font simple for legibility, as this works best. More commonly used words are easier to recognise so you can be more creative.

Modifying an existing font

Adapting an existing font allows you to create your own version of the typeface. Extending, removing or joining parts of letters can make your design work harder. It’s awesome how little you need to do to some of the letters to make your logo unique.

So when your client asks what font is that? You can reply it’s not a font but hand lettered. Such a proud moment that your logo cant be copied or mimicked by some untrained company person.

Don’t use gimmicky fonts

Your logo designs won’t stand out by using gimmicky fonts. Most of these fonts are free, you should avoid them. Gimmicky fonts are often too fancy, hard to read, and are pretty much being used on cheap stationary everywhere. With your logo design, keep your fonts classic and simple. There is a tried and true table of fonts available here.

The font should suit the brand

Fonts come in all shapes and sizes - big and bold, classy with style, elegant scripts or serifs, italics and just light and sexy. It's not about just being pretty but matching the qualities of the font to the logo design and give it the tone the client is looking for in the re-branding of their company. The font you choose is what's important here.

Good Luck with your next logo design!



August 25, 2014 by Mags Gaffney
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