Logo Design - Three Little Tips for Designers

Keep all your logo sketches

Designers will spend time sketching and drawing up lots of ideas, these unused sketches can be a great source of new inspiration for other logo design projects.

Most designers will come up with at least a dozen ideas before settling on a direction to move forward in the logo development. So never throw away these early ideas, they can become a valuable resource in the future.

If early sketches don’t work for one client, it doesn’t mean it won’t work for another. Always review what you’ve done and you may find the answer for another client, with a bit of tweaking, you could develop the logo your client is looking for.

Take time to research online

Google images is a great research resource for logo design when you want to see your clients' competition and what’s the industry standard. Alternatively when looking for good ideas, try searching key words in a dictionary or thesaurus.

But be careful, research online can be addictive and also mind numbing. The object is to see what your competition is doing and find that special inspiration. Don’t confuse yourself with too many different ideas, settle on a direction and begin to design. You can always go back and do some more research if you need.

Fight the temptation to imitate

Plagiarism is said to be the greatest form of flattery, but do you really want to just imitate another great designer, or become one? Don’t cheat yourself, solve that creative brief. Be the best designer you can be.

Good luck with your next logo design!


August 14, 2014 by Mags Gaffney
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