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Great Logos

A new brand identity is a marriage of the clients brief and the creative process of the designer.

Each and every designer begins the process of their logo creations differently – there is no hard and fast rules to this process.

It all begins with the design brief, which can be in a written form from the client or a question and answer based face to face interview. This brief is the bible that a designer must continue to refer to and see if the logo design meets the client’s expectations.

At times the client will be vague and/or lazy and give you old and tried clichés like ‘it must be iconic and memorable’ but these are things that will only happen over time if the logo has longevity – the client should really be giving you a more realistic view and their current expectations for the logo.

The Design Process

The designer should spend at least 25% of the design process doing research on the clients industry and major competitors. Researching current styles in design for today may influence the design and the result.

Spend some time sketching and drawing your ideas based on your research and take some time to reflect on the designs once they are completed. Revise and review them several times during the process, share your ideas with peers and do not be afraid of constructive criticism.

And lastly the big moment, the presentation, choose to select only the best of your designs, 3 or 4 at the most and be clear in your verbal presentation of the benefits of each design.


Good Luck with your next presentation for a great logo!

August 08, 2014 by Mags Gaffney
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