Designer Tip - How To Quote

What should I charge?

That is the big question. There is just no simple answer. I still ask myself that question even after 35 years of experience in the profession. Estimating a design project is still a constantly evolving process.

"How much is too much.
How much time will I need.
How much will the client pay?"

These are the most frequently asked questions that cannot be easily answered because every company has different needs and expectations, every brief is different.

You have so many things to take into consideration when designing a logo or brand identity or a website. How many concepts will I present, how many revisions will be required, how much research will I need to do and what are the clients expectations. Can I meet all these requirements for a price that the client will approve and that I can make some money and bring the project in on budget. Lastly how badly do you want to do this project?

Jeff Fisher a notable designer and author, had this great point to make "The major point I wish to convey is that all designers need to work smarter in independently determining what their talent, skill and expertise are worth and charge the client accordingly without question or apology. Being smart in determining what you should charge for your work will hopefully allow you to 'work less, charge more' in the future."

We hope this helps a little.


Happy designing and good luck!

August 08, 2014 by Mags Gaffney
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