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Website design is not something that stays the same forever. In fact, a lot of it continues to evolve over time, and it continues to improve and make us see what is possible in new ways. This is apparent when you look at trends through the ages and compare that to the trends of today. Today, there is a focus on clean designs, colors, and pieces that catch your eye without being obnoxious. It is about having a simple design that focuses on bringing together convenience, widespread appeal, simplicity, and a good flow. With how popular and effective these designs are, it is not hard to see why so many people are following the trends.

One of the biggest trends for website design today is using content management systems, such as WordPress and Joomla. These systems are incredible because they allow you to build a full website without a huge amount of effort. You can make use of these to start constructing your site if you have little to no knowledge of site building or if you want something that makes the process, along with management, a lot simpler. This is one of the best options available today, even for people who understand website building and management quite a bit.

Another trend is to keep the design straightforward and clean. Rather than throwing you from page to page and attacking your senses with as much clutter as possible, designers are choosing to remove a lot of the excess. This means to the point content, a plain yet attractive design, and few pages. Everything is being cut down in order to streamline the experience. This is common in every aspect of web design, leaving us with websites that have a clutter free design and that choose points and videos over long paragraphs that seem to go on forever.

Part of removing the excess and cleaning up the design is also improving the images and overall appeal. Instead of trying to get you to go to every page imaginable or trying to grab your attention with force, website design has moved to pictures that are eye catching and beautiful. These normally take photos or computer art and turn them into a main piece of the design for the site. They are there to grab your attention quickly, and they have done quite well. Businesses are continuing to add these images to their websites because they grab the interest and attention of people who visit.

July 25, 2014 by Paul Cattanach
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