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So here at Brand In A Can we provide an affordable alternative to getting a logo custom designed from a studio, but is this the best answer for you and your business?

There are a number of things to take into account when choosing a template logo design:

  1. Does your business lend well to an 'icon'
  2. Do you provide a unique service or product that is out of the ordinary
  3. Do you foresee rapid expansion of your business
  4. You need a logo QUICK
  5. You want to keep your startup costs down

1. If your business does lend well to an icon then a template logo design would suit you well. Due to the nature of template designs, logos with icons are the vast majority of what you will find. 

2. If your brand is very specialised then maybe the custom logo design route is the way to go. A studio/design house should be able to take your full brief and deliver a logo that matches your expectations. Although there is no greater match of your expectations on a logo template site, because you are seeing right then and there what you are getting, trying to dig through the masses to find a logo suited to your niche will likely be difficult.

3. If you answered 'yes' to foreseeing rapid expansion then buying a cheaper template logo might not be the best option also. The logo designs that are offered in templates are often available for repurchase. They can be customised to each business (with colour and actual business name/tagline) but unless you purchase full rights (and are the first person to purchase the logo) then it is unlikely you will be able to trademark the logo down the track. Brand In A Can does however provide Readymade logo designs which is a one time purchase and then removed from purchase, meaning you should be able to trademark the logo at a later date. These logo designs often have a business name included, but you have the option of switching yours in. Visit this section, coming in late 2014, if you foresee rapid expansion. 

4. If time is of the essence then a a template logo is again ideal. As you browse the site, the process can literally take minutes to find the right design and submit your details to be included. For Brand In A Can the time from submission to receipt of your updated logo is 48 hours. So if you have that brilliant, flash of lightning, brainstorm idea and just need to get the ball rolling, (and it can not wait another minute) then take a look at our logo designs and go from there!

5. Starting up a business can become very expensive and very quickly. For some, the bills pile up before you expect to get a cent in return, and often time is a precious commodity. Affordability has been found to be the most common reason people choose to get a template logo. The reason why a template logo design is more affordable is because often the time taken by a designer is less to create, they can make a logo that strikes their inspiration rather than having to suit the needs of a specific project. There are less revisions not having to please a client (to submit a logo design to a site) and sometimes they can be sold multiple times around the world, if a customer chooses not to buy the copyright outright. 

Downsides of Template Logos

Number One - typography. A downside to buying a template logo is that for a designer to create such a logo, there is limitations to what can be done to the wordmark. That is the the actual type/font of the business name. The reason for this is because when a logo is created, there must be consideration for customising the template to each and any business. A very complex or unique wordmark will completely change the dynamic of the logo once a new word is inserted.

Some logo designs have their branding entirely within the wordmark. Take Google, IBM or Ebay logos for example. Each of these logos are 'wordmarks', that is that the design is confined entirely within the word itself. Creating such a logo from a template design is difficult because it entirely depends on the word. Some words are more aesthetic than others and often with these logos, the font is tweaked slightly to make each letter suit the design. It is also not as popular among designers to submit wordmark logos because if one already exists on the site, and given they can not submit a duplicate, a simplified wordmark logo has a high chance of getting rejected and never being displayed. 

So if you are thinking about buying a cheaper template logo, hopefully there is some food for thought!


Good luck and happy browsing!

Brand In A Can

July 21, 2014 by Paul Cattanach